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CricDaddy score is a comprehensive sports data platform specializing in providing live broadcast, trend and trend analysis of sports scores. Aiming at serving sports groups, CricDaddy Score creates the most detailed and professional event information aggregation and exchange platform for sports fans, and provides data and information services for professional sports organizations.

We will devote ourselves to the healthy development of the domestic sports industry, constantly improve our service level, strive to become the best sports data platform, and make a contribution to the revitalization of the domestic sports cause.
CricDaddy score is provided for you
Fast and stable instant score service
Professional and comprehensive data analysis and event recommendation;
True and timely event information and intelligence
Detailed and complete data of matches, teams and players
Terms of service for CricDaddy
Article 1
The ownership and operation rights of all electronic services of CricDaddy belong to the company of CricDaddy. Please read these terms and conditions each time you log in. The services provided by CricDaddy will be strictly implemented in accordance with the articles of association, terms of service and operation rules issued by CricDaddy. Users must fully agree to accept all terms of service and complete the registration procedure before they can become registered users of CricDaddy. Moreover, when users use the services provided by one or more CricDaddy, You and the Website shall be bound by the applicable guidelines and regulations published for and applicable to the Service.
Article 2
Other services will be provided from time to time and these other services are subject to different terms and conditions of service. If such other services have not been published terms and conditions of Service, these terms shall apply.
Article 3
Please be aware that in some areas of the services provided by the CricDaddy, content may be inappropriate for minors under the age of 18. In these areas, the CricDaddy will be prompted when the service is provided. Please also bear in mind that Our services are aimed at a wide range of users, so when you are the legal guardian, it is your responsibility to determine which services and/or material content are appropriate for your ward.
Article 4
CricDaddy uses its own operating system to provide network services for users through the International Internet. At the same time, users must:
(1) Equip your own equipment for Internet access, including personal computers, modems or other necessary Internet access devices;
(2) Bear the telephone charges and network charges related to the service for personal Internet access
(3) Provide detailed and accurate personal information
(4) Update registration information continuously to meet the requirements of timely, detailed and accurate.
If the information provided by the user contains incorrect information, CricDaddy reserves the right to cancel the user's use of the service which requires registration.
Article 5
CricDaddy reserves the right to modify the terms of service when necessary. Once the terms of service are changed, it will prompt the modification on the important page. Users can take the initiative to cancel the network service if they do not agree with the modified content. If the user continues to use the Network service, it shall be deemed to accept the change of the service terms. CricDaddy reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without informing users. CricDaddy is not responsible to users or third parties for the right to modify or interrupt the service.
Article 6
Once the user successfully registers, he/she will become the legitimate user of the CricDaddy immediately. The user is fully responsible for the security of the username and password. In addition, each user is fully responsible for all activities and events performed under his or her username. You can change your password at any time according to instructions. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities, please inform the CricDaddy immediately.
Article 7
CricDaddy will try its best to maintain and perfect the various services provided by CricDaddy in the process of providing services to users. Users are at their own risk in the process of using CricDaddy collaterals. CricDaddy does not guarantee that the service will meet the requirements of users, nor that the service will not be interrupted. It does not guarantee the timeliness, safety and occurrence of errors of the service. We are not responsible for deleting or storing any information posted by our users.
Article 8
Any user shall not use any improper means, including but not limited to the use of program errors, when logging in and receiving the services provided by the CricDaddy. CricDaddy reserves the right to take all measures against the violator, until the legal liability.
Article 9
The CricDaddy shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising from, but not limited to, improper use of the Network services, illegal use of the Network Services or alteration of the information transmitted by users. All these behaviors may lead to the damage of the image of the CricDaddy, so the CricDaddy proposed the possibility of damage in advance.
Article 10
It is our principle to respect users' privacy. We will not change or disclose any information about you or your account, such as your name, email address, address, or account contents, without prior consent. Except for the following:
(1) An order or request from a government agency or a court;
(2) Comply with the law and the process is legal
(3) User licensing.
Article 11
Users are solely responsible for publishing content. User's use of the Services is in accordance with all national, local and international legal standards applicable to the CricDaddy. The user undertakes to:
(1) Do not transmit any illegal, harassing, slander, abusive, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, obscene information.
(2) Do not transmit any information which incites others to commit an offence; Refrain from transmitting information that contributes to domestic disadvantages and concerns national security;
(3) Do not transmit any information that does not comply with local regulations, national laws and international laws. Unauthorized access to other computer systems is prohibited.
If the user's behavior violates the above commitment, CricDaddy will immediately cancel the user's service account based on its independent judgment. Users are legally responsible for their actions online. If users spread or spread reactionary, pornographic or other information in violation of national laws, the system records of CricDaddy may serve as evidence of users' violation of laws.
Article 12
User agrees to protect and safeguard the interests of all members of the CricDaddy, and shall be responsible for paying the lawyer's fees and compensation fees for any breach of the terms of service caused by user's use of the CricDaddy beyond the service scope.
Article 13
Users or CricDaddy can interrupt one or more network services at any time according to actual situation. The CricDaddy is not liable to any person or third party for interruption of service at any time. Users who object to the subsequent modification of the terms or are dissatisfied with the services provided by the CricDaddy can exercise the following rights:
(1) Stop using the Internet service of CricDaddy;
(2) Notify CricDaddy to stop service to the user.
After the user service is terminated, the user's right to use the network service is immediately terminated. From then on, the User has no right, nor does CricDaddy have any obligation to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to the user or any third party.
Article 14
The network service content of CricDaddy includes: text, software, sound, pictures, videos, charts and all contents in advertisements; The entire contents of the E-mail; Other information provided by the CricDaddy for users. All of this content is protected by copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use the content under the authorization of the CricDaddy and authorized agents, and cannot copy, reproduce, or create derivative products related to the content without authorization. The copyright of all articles of CricDaddy belongs to the author and CricDaddy. Anyone who needs to reprint articles of CricDaddy must obtain the authorization of the author or CricDaddy.
Article 15
These Terms of Service shall be governed by and protected by the laws and regulations as well as those promulgated and implemented thereafter, and both users and the CricDaddy agree to be governed by them. In case of any conflict between these terms and the laws, these terms and conditions will be completely reinterpreted in accordance with the laws, while other terms and conditions will still have legal effect and influence on users.
Article 16
For the matters not mentioned in the Service Terms, CricDaddy shall make final explanation, supplement or otherwise stipulate supplementary provisions on the condition that it does not violate relevant laws and regulations or the code of public ethics.
CricDaddy Privacy Policy
We value the privacy of our users. We are a product that provides sports information and data services. In order to explain that you may use or store your personal information when using our products, we will explain relevant matters to you through this guide
1. The information we collect
During your use of the CricDaddy Service, we will record the information you voluntarily provide or generate by using the Service in the following ways, so as to provide you with the service, optimize our service and ensure the security of your account.
1. When you register for CricDaddy user service, we will verify the validity of your nickname, profile picture and mobile phone number. These information is to help you complete CricDaddy user registration and protect the security of your account. The mobile phone number information is to meet the requirements of online real-name system of laws and regulations.
2. When you need to post photos, comments, likes and other operations, we may grant you the right to store the published information in our server. Storage is necessary to realize this function, and we will store your private content in an encrypted way.
3. For the safety of your fund and account when you need to recharge, we will submit your bank card type and account number, name, ID card and phone information reserved by the bank to the third-party payment for verification.Refusal to provide the service will not complete the recharge, but does not affect your use of other functional services.
2. Storage of information
1. Storage location
    1.1 We will store users' personal information collected in accordance with laws and regulations.
2. The duration of information storage
    2.1 Mobile Phone Number: If you need to use the CricDaddy Service, we will always save your mobile phone number to ensure your normal use of this function and service. After you cancel your CricDaddy account, we will delete the corresponding information.
    2.2 When you send the content, we need to save the information to ensure your normal use. After you delete the content, we will also delete the corresponding information. When our products or services cease operation, we will notify you in the form of push notification, in-site letter and other forms, and delete your personal information within a reasonable period of time.
3. Refund instructions
In order to display the order information of your account and protect your after-sale rights and interests, we will collect the order information, transaction and consumption records and virtual property information (such as virtual currency) generated during your use of CricDaddy products for you to display and facilitate your order management.In case of transaction refund, we may require you to provide your transaction information, including bank card information, account name and order information, to process the refund request for you.
4. How do we use cookies and similar technologies
1. Cookies and similar technologies
Cookies are small files containing strings that are sent and stored (usually encrypted) on your computer, mobile device or other device when you log in and use websites or other web content.Cookie homogeneous technologies are other technologies that can be used for similar purposes as cookies, such as Web Beacons, proxies, embedded scripts, etc.Currently, we mainly use cookies to collect your personal information.You acknowledge and agree that as technology develops and our products and services further improve, we may also use Cookie like technology.
2. How do we use cookies and similar technologies
When you use our products and/or services, we may use cookies and similar technologies to collect some of your personal information, including: Your visiting habits, your browsing information, your login information, Cookies and similar technologies to collect information about the class is for you to use our products and/or services necessary, simplify your repeat the operation steps, such as registration, login, easy to save your operation records (e.g., screening), provide you with more service content to meet your personal needs and you may be more interested in content, to protect your information and security, and improve our account Products and services, etc. If your browser allows it, you may set up your browser to manage and (in part/in whole) reject cookies and/or similar technologies;Or delete cookies and/or similar technologies that have been stored on your computer, mobile device or other device so that we cannot trace all or part of your personal information.For details about how to change the browser Settings, see the Settings page of your browser.You understand and acknowledge that: Some of our product/service can only get by using a Cookie or similar technology implementation, if you refuse to use or delete, you probably will not be able to normal use of our products and/or services or through our products and/or service get the best service experience, at the same time, it may be to protect your information and account security cause certain effect.
5. Update information
1. We will make every effort to take appropriate technical measures to ensure that you can understand, update and correct your registration information or other user information provided when you use our services.To understand, update, correct and delete the foregoing information, we may require you to verify your identity to protect the security of your account.
2. If you need to update, correct or delete the user information you submitted, you can access the relevant operations of the CricDaddy service to do so. Under normal circumstances, you can modify the information you submit at any time, but for security and identity reasons, you may not be able to modify some of the initial registration information and verification information provided at the time of registration.
6. Use of collected information
1. To ensure quality of service, we may record information about how the application is performing, such as frequency of application use, crash data, overall usage, performance data, and the origin of the application. We do not combine analysis information with any personally identifiable information you provide in the application.
2. If we use your Personal Information in ways that are not directly or reasonably related to the purpose claimed at the time of collection, we will notify you again and obtain your express consent before using your Personal Information.
7. Security of personal information
1. We will not take the initiative to share or transfer your personal information to the CricDaddy sports outside of the third party, such as there are other sharing or transfer your personal information or you need us to share your personal information or transfer to the third party outside the CricDaddy on the sports, we will confirm direct or third party obtain your express consent to the above mentioned behavior.
2. We will not publicly disclose the personal information we have collected. If necessary, we will inform you of the purpose of public disclosure, the type of information to be disclosed and the sensitive information that may be involved, and obtain your express consent.
8. Protection of minors
We take the protection of minors' personal information very seriously. According to relevant laws and regulations, if you are a minor under the age of 16, you should obtain written consent from your parents or legal guardian before using the CricDaddy service. If you are the guardian of a minor, if you have any questions about the personal information of the minor under your custody, please contact us through the contact information at the end of this Privacy Policy.
9. Revision of the Privacy Policy
As the scope of our services expands or changes, we may revise the relevant terms of this Privacy Policy in due course. When the terms and conditions of this Policy change, we will display the revised policy content to you in a prominent position on the client or in other ways. Please note that the updated policy will only be implemented when you confirm or continue to use the product.